Whether brief or long , depending on your goals and needs , therapy is about promoting growth and diminishing suffering and being satisfied with oneself and others, in the world they share.

Awareness,   Compassion   and   Personal Growth 

Relational Psychotherapy is a non-authoritarian, and collaborative way of being in resolving conflicts, whether this is a clinical mental health matter or issues within  ones relationships. Relationships and their patterns are complex and solutions often lay hidden from clear view. Happiness and satisfaction with life can seem elusive. 

The Interpersonal-Relational Approach to Psychotherapy seeks to resolve conflict by the appreciation of strengths, needs, values and heightened awareness of intersubjective experiences. Thus, laying the ground work for moving forward and living a purposeful life.

Many find this approach to therapy useful for a host of clinical mental health and relational concerns. Collaboration with medical management is frequently effective as well.

About ... I am licensed to practice psychotherapy, having earned a masters degree (MA) in Health and Human Services-Mental Health Counseling, a doctorate  (D.Litt-UK) in Clinical Counseling. My experience includes hospitals, clinics and private practice. Additionally, I have Advance Practice recognition as a Diplomate-Clinical Specialist in Mental Health Counseling by the American Mental Health Counselors Association. Prior to retirement, I served as an adjunct professor-lecturer for more than thirty years.

Office Policy ... I am an Out-of-Network Provider. The client is responsible for submitting insurance information for reimbursement. Most insurance providers will directly reimburse clients with appropriate clinical information. Please review your policy information.

There is a charge for missed appointments and appointments without 24 hours notice.

Payment is expected at the time of service. Check, cash, credit cards, flex plans are acceptable means of payment. Reduced fee appointments may be available on a limited basis.

                                            Please inquire with any concerns.


                                        Dr Richard Hamling, MA, D.Litt(UK),